Four Players vs. Four Players – Two Balls for each player

  1. Flip a coin to determine which team plays first
  2. The winner of the coin flip tosses the pallino, from behind the foul line, to put it in play. The pallino must roll past the “mid field line” and stay in bounds. If the pallino is not tossed properly by the first team, the second team tosses the pallino to put it into play.
  3. The team that tosses the pallino properly becomes the first team and tosses one bocce ball as close to the pallino as possible. The first team then steps aside to let the second team toss its first bocce ball, trying to get it closer to the pallino than the first team. If it does not toss its first ball closer to the pallino than the first team’s bocce ball, then the second team continues tossing its bocce balls until it does. As soon as a team gets it’s bocce ball closer to the pallino than the opposing team, that team steps aside to let the opposing team toss a bocce ball or balls until it gets a bocce ball closer to the pallino of the other team. This procedure continues until both teams have tossed all the bocce balls. THIS IS CALLED A “FRAME.”
  4. Players can use their bocce balls to knock their opponents’ bocce balls away from the pallino at any time during the frame/ All bocce balls must remain in bounds at all times. If the bocce ball goes out of bounds, it is removed from the game during that frame’s play. If the pallino goes out of bounds, that frame ends. Play then resumes from the opposite end of the court with the team that originally tossed the pallino tossing it again.
  5. Only one team can score in each frame. Two points are awarded for bocce ball touching the pallino. One point is awarded for each bocce ball that is closer to the pallino than the closest bocce ball of the opposing team.
    Example: The first team has two of its bocce balls closer to the pallino than the second team. The first team is awarded two points for that frame, and the second team gets zero points for that frame.
  6. All balls must be tossed from behind the foul line as per court layout. All balls must be tossed, rolled or bounced underhanded. OVERHAND tossing, rolling or bouncing is not permitted. Any time a player is tossing a bocce ball, safety and courtesy must be observed. All players must remain outside the bocce court, preferably behind the tosser.
  7. Games will be played with teams on opposite ends of the court. At the end of each frame, the game starts at the opposite end of the court. Teammates have the option to toss their bocce balls consecutively or alternately
  8. First Team to 11 points wins
  9. Teams may switch ends for each game if requested
  10. Must Start with four and end with four players. Only Alternates listed at start of play on original team may play in semi final and final game.

The morning competition is round robin play with the highest scoring team returning after lunch for single elimination play. 3 Games per team is guaranteed.